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Students Amenities

a) Computer Center
The institution has an air-conditioned core computer center in addition to departmental computer laboratories. There are about 500 desktop computers and 4 servers: one is for Windows & Linux, Web server, Oracle server and Anti-Virus. Two of these servers are of IBM make one HP and one HCL. All the systems are under LAN where it is designed by the principle of structural cabling. The servers are equipped with licensed operating systems like Linux, Novel Software and Windows 2003. Other peripheral facilities like laser printer, high resolution scanning, multimedia graphics support and CD/ DVD writing and generators are also available.

b) Internet
The institute has 2 mbps leased line internet facility with its own BSNL Tower providing 24 hours high speed connectivity. The campus is Wi-Fi including the hostels. Students can browse relevant websites and download educational materials during free time. Mailing, Chatting and watching movies over net is strictly prohibited. In Internet lab with 60 terminals connected in LAN are available for Internet browsing from 9.30 AM to 9.00 PM. Students must make entries in the usage register before and after the use of Internet.

c) Transport
The institute has 3 (three) buses each of 52 seating capacity. Interested student of the institute is provided transport from specified points of Dhenkanal town to campus and back. One bus plies from Cuttack to Dhenkanal. Staff and students from outside Dhenkanal avail the transport facility. The timings and other operational details of the transport are notified on the Institute Notice Board. Entry into the bus is on the basis of production of I-Card.
A faculty member in-charge of the transport section looks after the arrangements. Any difficulty with respect to the transport should be brought to the notice of the transport in-charge.

d) Games & Sports
Facilities exist for both indoor games and outdoor games & sports activities. Basketball court, Volleyball court, Cricket and Football fields are available which students use during free times. Interested students are encouraged to register their names with the in-charge faculty members for participation in various activities. Boys' and girls' hostel common rooms are equipped with indoor games facilities like Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess. Additionally, all the hostels including the Girls' hostel have ultra modern Multi-GYM for physical fitness and bodybuilding of both boys and girls. Badminton court is a common feature in each hostel.

e) Canteen
The institute has a spacious canteen located on the ground floor of the new building. It has a modern kitchen. Snacks, fast food and lunch are available during the office hours for the staff and students.

f) Dispensary
The institute maintains a dispensary with first aid provisions to look after minor emergencies. An ambulance has been allotted for the dispensary.

g) Banking Facility
Axis Bank operates within the campus to take care of banking requirements of students & staffs. It also extends various soft loans to students for their academics necessities.


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